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If you've found your way here as a Ninja, please drop by the Clubhouse or give us a call at

(917) 983-0631 and we'll gladly assist you.

Membership Details

*If this is for a Ninja terminating at the end of their 1 year commitment, please first ask them if they'd like to stay with CAT terms. Let them know that:

  1. They would have no comp freezes, but can still freeze for $10/week

  2. They must give 14 days notice to terminate

  3. Once they terminate the CAT membership they can't join back up with the specially priced CAT membership

*If this is a Ninja terminating because they are financially compromised (And have been a Ninja for over a year and really want to stay but just don't have the finances) - we can ask them to stay on as an MFF ambassador for 6 months (7 membership payments) at 50% off the rate. Script and details HERE.

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We want your feedback!
⚠️ Wait! Before submitting, please let the Ninja know:
1. "As soon as I finish filling out the form and submit it, you will receive an email confirmation. FYI, the email contains a link to an additional brief feedback survey. This is an opportunity for you to leave any feedback that went unsaid on the call."
2. "After we get off this call, I'm going to finish processing your termination. I will reach out if I have any questions."
3. "We love you and we wish you the best of luck in your future health & hotness pursuits! If there's anything we can do to help you continue to nail it, we're here for you. Please, don't hesitate to reach out!"

*Also please let Ninja know they can buy a Member's-only rate class/SGPT pack on their way out if they'd like!

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